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5 Frameworks and Technologie That Every PHP Development Needs to Know 



5 Frameworks and Technologies That Every PHP Development Company Needs to Know

The layout and structure of a program is called a framework. Each framework is designed by developers to support website and application development. 

When it comes to PHP frameworks, they are a must for PHP development companies. 

According to Geeks of Geeks, over 2.444 billion websites currently use PHP. Therefore, to meet website development standards, PHP developers must use similar frameworks. 

Imagine having to build a fort out of sand. Starting from scratch will take a lot of time and effort to achieve the perfect result. 

Instead, a beautiful castle will be completed in no time and will look even more beautiful if you have the necessary molds and other materials. 

The same is true for PHP web developers using frameworks and technologies. Let’s take a look at the important frameworks that you should not ignore when hiring a PHP developer and developing your website. 

What is a PHP developer? 

PHP was developed by Danish-Canadian programmer Rasmus Lerdorf. The abbreviation for Hypertext Preprocessor is “PHP”. 

PHP is a computer language for client-side development using scripts. 

Isn’t it amazing that 27 years ago he was the first PHP developer to use this language to create his website on June 8, 1995? 

PHP is open source, so any PHP web developer can download and use it for free. It also includes HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP code written in PHP files. 

A PHP web developer creates his websites using various front-end languages and saves them with the suffix .php. PHP developers can use this language to: 

  • Encrypt your data. 
  • Changing, adding, deleting, and modifying data in databases and programs 
  • Set restrictions on user access to your website 
  • Modify server files 
  • Generate dynamic content for your pages. 

Let’s look at some examples of websites built using the PHP programming language. 

  • CMS and social media sites like Digg and Facebook 
  • Blogging for WordPress-based e-commerce websites 
  • OpenCart educational resources such as Wikipedia 

5 Frameworks and Technologies That PHP Developers Need to Know 

Would you like to hire a PHP coder for your next web development project? 

How can you determine whether candidates vying for PHP developer jobs are aware of these technologies? 

Following the process of sifting through resumes, you can evaluate the candidates’ abilities through tasks, projects, and interviews. 

If the applicant shows you examples and past projects, ask about PHP development, related functionality, and code functionalities. 

This is a list of the essential tools, technologies, and frameworks that every PHP developer has to know. 


An analysis of Laravel, the most popular PHP framework. Laravel is the best choice for PHP web developers who want to easily create and modify websites. 

The main built-in features of this framework are features such as user authentication, customization, and caching. 

Additionally, PHP developers can install Laravel Debugbar, an application toolbar that helps you debug your code. 

A PHP web developer may be surprised to learn that he can design web applications without having PHP installed on his computer. Laravel Homestead’s Vagrant Box feature enables client-side development using virtual machines. 

Additionally, Laravel offers an active developer community that helps novice PHP developers learn and run code seamlessly. 


The Phalcon Framework may be necessary for programmers to use in their PHP development effort. Phalcon is a full-stack framework based on the C programming language. 

Even in cases where software is developed in C, PHP developers do not require any knowledge of the language. Programmers can access PHP namespaces and classes. 

Phalcon is the fastest and lightest framework for PHP. It is compatible with MVC architecture as well. PHP developers may need to invest more resources in order to work with Phalcon. 


The latest version of this framework was introduced by PHP with an interesting headline. “Cleaner, faster, and more delicious than usual.” 

CakePHP 4.1 is a new version that the PHP developer named his Strawberry. 

CakePHP is considered by PHP programmers to be the best framework on the market. Please note that this is a PHP proprietary framework. To use CakePHP, PHP developers must follow certain code conventions. It provides a large collection of libraries with parts and functions to improve program linking. 

When hiring a PHP programmer, make sure she is familiar with the necessary Slack channels, support forums, and websites like Stack Overflow. 


One of the most well-known features of the CodeIgniter framework is its minimal footprint. Hire a PHP programmer who needs an easy-to-use, elegant, and functional toolkit. CodeIgniter is the right choice. 

Like Phalcon, this 1.2MB PHP framework is very lightweight. CodeIgniter provides speed with minimal after-effects on your website. Using MVC and non-MVC design patterns that CodeIgniter supports is appealing to PHP web developers. PHP developers can take advantage of the framework’s security features, including content security rules, scripting, text context-sensitive escaping, and more. 


The Yii Framework’s ability to be both practical and flexible is one of its best features. 

Yii is very easy to set up and use because it includes all the comprehensive documentation and setup instructions required for any PHP web developer. 

This Framework provides competition for Phalcon. Yii has many advanced features, however PHP developers can speed up the process by integrating Yii with extensions. 

User authentication and SQL injection prevention are two of the Yii Framework’s security features. 


You may be wondering how to hire a PHP programmer for your next project. 

How to find the best PHP development company? How do we judge them and talk to them? You may also have more questions about working with PHP developers. 

Once you have decided on your website layout, target market, perspective, etc., you need to start looking for a PHP developer. You can post job openings on sites like Indeed and LinkedIn. Once you receive an application from a candidate, consider an assignment or phone interview. 

A number of screening stages allow you to assess a candidate’s theoretical and practical understanding of PHP and its implementation. 

Finally, before hiring a PHP programmer, assess their problem-solving and soft skills through an in-person interview. 

It may take several weeks for the hiring process to complete and you to begin working on your project. Alternatively, you can reduce hiring and training costs by outsourcing your PHP developer work to another company. 

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