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Easy Guide To Rockspace WiFi Extender Setup



In today’s digital age, a stable and powerful internet connection has become a necessity. However, there are often areas in our homes or offices where the WiFi ⁢signal is⁣ weak or non-existent. ⁢This is where a WiFi ‌extender, such as the Rockspace WiFi Extender, becomes invaluable. Setting up‍ a WiFi extender can be‌ a daunting task for some, but fear not, as this easy guide will walk ​you through the process step-by-step.

Before You Begin:

Before diving into the setup process, there are⁢ a few things you need to ensure:

1.‍ Positioning:

In order to ⁣achieve optimal signal strength and coverage, it is important to place ‌your Rockspace WiFi Extender in the⁤ right⁤ location. Find a spot where the WiFi signal from your‌ router is still relatively⁤ strong, preferably halfway between your router and the ⁤area with poor WiFi coverage.

2. Power Supply:

Make sure your Rockspace WiFi Extender is plugged into a⁤ power outlet ⁢and receiving a steady power ‌supply. Without power, the extender will not function.

Setting Up Your Rockspace WiFi Extender:

1. Connect to⁣ the Extender:

  1. Using your computer‍ or mobile device, connect ⁤to the WiFi network “Rockspace_Extender” from ⁢your available WiFi networks list.
  2. If prompted,⁢ enter ​the default password provided in the user manual or on the product⁣ itself.
  3. Once connected, open a web browser and⁢ type “” into the address bar to access the extender’s setup page.

2. Configuration:

  1. On the ⁣setup page, you will be presented with a login screen. Enter the default login credentials (username: admin, password: admin) or the ones specified in your user manual.
  2. Once logged in, ⁣follow the on-screen instructions to configure your Rockspace WiFi ⁤Extender.
  3. You will need to select ⁢your existing WiFi ⁢network from the list of available networks and enter your WiFi‌ password.
  4. Choose a name and password for your extended WiFi network. This will be the network you connect ⁢to when using the extender.
  5. Once you have completed the configuration, click on “Apply” or ‍”Save”​ to‌ save ⁤your settings.

Connecting Devices to Your Extended WiFi Network:

1. Restart the Extender:

After saving your settings, it is recommended⁣ to restart your Rockspace WiFi Extender to ensure⁣ all changes take effect.

2. Connect ​Devices:

  1. Using your computer or⁣ mobile device, go to the WiFi settings and select your⁤ newly created extended WiFi network.
  2. Enter ⁣the password you specified during the⁤ configuration ⁤process.
  3. Once connected, your devices should now have a stable and improved WiFi‌ signal, allowing you to enjoy uninterrupted internet access in areas that were once dead spots.


Setting up your Rockspace WiFi Extender doesn’t have to be a complex task filled with frustration. By following this easy guide, you can quickly and effortlessly extend your WiFi signal ⁢and eliminate any dead zones in your home or office. Remember, proper positioning ⁢and a stable power supply are vital for optimum⁢ performance. So, go ahead and enjoy a seamless internet experience anywhere‍ within⁤ the range of your Rockspace ​WiFi Extender!

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